animus anima
contemporary psychedelic jazz

benoist EIL,
electric guitares
(1978, Rouen, F)

Self-taught musician, sculptor of sound and lover of feedbacks, has developed his musical language through rhythm and tones. Trained himself with the help of few records and by meeting the people he listened to.

Has worked with choreographers & street theatre, made soundtracks the theatre and is the founder and main composer of the Rage Dedans band.

Has played with Laurent Dehors, Michel Massot, Laurent Blondiau, David Chevallier, Pierre Bernard, Jean-Yves Evrard, Bart Maris, Nicolas Rombouts, Denis Charolles, Catherine Delaunay, Yves Mora, Stephan Pougin, Michel Debrulle, Bastien Steel, Christophe Monniot, Xavier Dessandre, Eric Thielemans, Tous Dehors, The Guitar Octet of Denis Chancerel.

saxophone, composition
(1971, Liège, B)

Every new experience is for him an opportunity to cross borderlines between styles: popular and contemporary music, jazz, noise or ambient. Self-made sax player, studied at the conservatory of Liege with Garret List (with a first prize in improvisation), Frederic Rjzewski and Michel Massot.

Followed the classes of Daniel Stockart, Véronique Delmelle, Erwin Vann,…
A travelling musician, played with Lászlò Shari, Barre Philips, Fred Van Hove, Andre Goudbeek, Bart Maris, Baudouin De Jaer, Marrakech Gnawa's, Noise Maker’s Five , Rage Dedans, White Wine Dark Grapes, Kaat De Windt...touring in Europe and Africa.

He has created music for the theatre (F.Furthmann, H.Mathon, R.Elasri) and for films (Lileinfeld/Difenthal, Janos, Deren). His own composition works include Mogador : ten pieces for contrabass and saxophone – Mû and Nues: Solos for saxophones - Atmospheric Cyclic eSpace : for twelve musicians…

From 2003 to 2005 he organized monthly session in Brussels at the Kan' H cultural centre, called “Apolitical Revolution”.

etienne PLUMER,
drums, percussions
(1975, Séoul, COR)

Played during ten years with many fanfares, and started alone to play drums and tablas. Meanwhile, he gets a licence in philology in the university of Liège.

Self made drummer, he trained himself with records of Trilok Gurtu, Tony Williams, Jack De Johnette.

Then he studied in the Royal Conservatory of Music of Liège with Michel Massot, Garret List, and electronic music with Patrice Lenfant.

He plays currently with Rêve d’Eléphant Orchestre of Michel Massot & Michel Debrulle (cd : Racines du Ciel, Lobster Caravan). Plays with Turlu Tursu (cd : Turlu Tursu, Accordion 'n Drum 'n Bass). Plays with Tomassenko (cd : La Danse des Komnous). Plays with Sagratt (pool of improvisers of Michaël Woltèche)...

Composes electro-acoustic music. In 2007, plays with the european project Cine Citta, with Louis Sclavis.

tuba, saxhorn
(1976, Paris, F)

Pascal started tuba at age eight. He entered a street band, La Clique sur Mer, in which he stays seven years, working with directors such as Jean-Louis Hourdin, François Chattot and Jean Boileau.

Graduated from the Conservatoire National Superior from Paris for Tuba, having taken the classes of Gérard Buquetet and Bernard Neuranter, with a special mention from the jury for his performance and composition (he wrote one of the pieces of the prize, for tuba, tapes and a dancer). Followed the improvisation classes with Alain Savouret, Rainer Boesh and Alex Marcéas, there too he was awarded prizes.

Plays with Bruno Régnier's XTET. CD’s : « les Deux Disques », both well received by critics, and made with the finest flowers of the new French jazz scene : Sébastien Boisseau, Jean-Louis Pommier, Airelle Besson, Sylvain Riflet. Works with Denis Badau and Glenn Ferris.

Participation with N. Folmer, D. Casimir and F. Théberge in the project of a silent movie accompanied by live music .
Created the En Liberté group, with Christophe Sanays and Cédirc Faure.

Plays in Russia with CEL, Moscow, Samara. Plays in Belgium with Laurent Blondiau, Frederic and Jan Rjzewski, Garett List. He is funding now a society for the production of improvised and written movies.

Nicolas Ankoudinoff Benoist Eil Etienne Plumer